The Big Green Change

Environmental markets are difficult, BIG, and there is no doubting they are here.
There is no hiding from the “Big Green Change”. We want farmers to be on the leading edge of this change contributing to more productive farming and ecological systems.

Environmental markets are set for growth

The CSIRO says environmental markets will grow to $48Bn by 2050*. To put that in context, that’s twice the combined value of all meat, grain, tropical fruit and cotton industries.

The “Big Green Change” is on top of existing demands on farmers, but managed well has the opportunity to become an important part of farmers’ enterprise.

Living With Sharks, Green-Wash and Green-Tape

Different government and corporate actors, with motivations that aren’t always transparent, are shaping the environmental markets without farmers. The outcome is a market where transaction costs are punitive, income is unequally shared, and self-interest hides behind complexity.  There is good reason for farmers to be suspicious.

Farmers can take control

That’s why we need the Regen Farmers Mutual. As a farmer-owned broker, it is wholly aligned to delivering farmers the best outcomes. It can help farmers understand and capture value in carbon and biodiversity markets, while enabling them to protect their independence, and critically, their data. It offers a way for farmers to take control of how they interact with environmental and green provenance markets.

Maximising negotiating power  

The Regen Farmers Mutual is the way farmers can strengthen their hand in these emerging markets. The more farmers that join, the stronger will be its negotiating power. Together, farmers can have the weight and influence to negotiate better outcomes.

Gathering Support

We’ve created a waitlist for our foundational product – the Environmental Farm Assessment – as a simple way for farmers to demonstrate support for a farmer-owned broker. There’s no cost or commitment to join, but every farmer that joins strengthens the ability of the Regen Farmers Mutual to deliver the best outcomes for Australian farmers.

If you are a farmer, please join the waitlist by clicking through below. If you know a farmer, then please send them an invite to find out more.