Why invest in Regen Digital?

The development of the Regen Farmers Mutual has reached a new and exciting phase with the kickoff of the crowdfunding for Regen Digital. The first step in this process is to gather Expressions of Interest from our prospective members and broader community of supporters. As it’s an opportunity to take an ownership stake in key digital infrastructure for the Australian agricultural sector, it’s likely to be a defining moment for mutual.

What is the opportunity?

The Regen Farmers Mutual is by design a farmer-owned organisation. Mechanically it’s a company limited by guarantee. This enables it to be farmer-controlled (every member has one vote), but also limits the ways it can raise funding as it cannot issue shares.

To overcome this hurdle, Regen Farmers Mutual has created a subsidiary company, Regen Digital, that will provide digital services to its members. It is this company that can then be used to raise funding to build out the capabilities that farmers need. It becomes the Climate Tech solution that investors can take a stake in.

This is the purpose of the current crowdfunding – to enable farmers and supporters in the community to invest in the technology that underpins the farmer-led model of the Regen Farmers Mutual.

What is the role of Regen Digital?

Regen Digital will enable farmers to create a digital twin of their farm – that they can then use to enter into carbon, biodiversity and green provenance contracts. It is a key technology that will enable farmers to manage their online interactions, so that they can control their data and maximise returns on their real world assets.

As a subsidiary of the Regen Farmers Mutual, farmers retain control over the way that Regen Digital is developed and managed. They can trust that it will seek the best outcomes for members – to protect their data and maximise their returns. Regen Digital therefore offers a key service to the Regen Farmers Mutual’s members, in a way that offers the best possible opportunity to scale.

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Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing.