Seven ways to share

The Regen Farmers Mutual gets stronger through a virtuous cycle of network effects – where the more farmers that join, the greater the value that is created, and in turn, the greater incentive for more farmers to join. This is why it is in every farmer’s interest to tell others about the benefits being created when they join the mutual.

The reality is an individual farmer has very little negotiating power. But when they join the mutual, they join an organisation that they own, and that leverages their collective market power. This enables farmers to negotiate better outcomes, and become market leaders rather than price takers.

So how can you tell others about the mutual? Here are 7 ways:

Action: Talk to another farmer

How to do it: Open your mouth at the pub, over the fence, on the phone or when you’re in town getting supplies.  No one likes pushy salesmen and fewer still like becoming someone’s muppet in a multi level marketing scheme.  Be cool, explain it’s 1-member and 1-vote, explain why you’re a supporter and what you hope to get out of it.  Simple.

How this helps:  Call it the bush telegraph, word of mouth, the ol’ grapevine, kitchen table chat, pub talk, small talk or solving the worlds problems – people talking about Regen Farmers Mutual  is the best marketing.

Action: Share our content on your social media

How to do it: Grab a post from our social media channels. Click through on the icons below to find the social media channel you prefer – and scroll down through the posts to find those that you can like, retweet or otherwise share.

How this helps: If you share our content on social media, it delivers our message straight to your networks. It also helps tune the algorithms that social media platforms use to discover and promote interesting content. 

Action: Create your own social media post

How to do it: Write something that means something to you and link that message to our calls to action.  Our key links are:

Join the Environmental Markets Waitlist –

Register for Regen Digital EOI –

How this helps: When you say something your friends and peers listen. So when you share content about Regen Farmers Mutual, it is helping us spread awareness and attract new farmers.

Action: Make an endorsement

How to do it: Record a video endorsement on our Share Your Support Page. It is very easy to do, and being able to seen and hear our supporters creates an incredible impact.

Just click through on the following link to record your 1 minute endorsement:

How this helps: This endorsement can be shared on social media and is powerful because so much more can be expressed in video format than other formats.

Action: Organise us to speak at a webinar

How to do it: We run Webinars all the time for farm groups.  The webinars are usually an hour long with 30-40 minutes of good content and the balance for Q&A.  We can tailor our typical presentations if required.  What you’ll need to do is contact to organise a date/time and then bring the audience to the right zoom link at the right date/time.  You may want assistance and we are here to help with graphics, event support and experience putting these things together.

How this helps: When we speak in webinars, we get the opportunity in a cheap and recordable way to share as much information as possible to that audience.  Armed with information we find that many people after a webinar want more information.

Action: Lobby your local landcare coordinator

How to do it: We have strong links with Landcare groups around the country and an endorsement from the National Landcare Network.  If you advise your landcare coordinator about Regen Farmers Mutual they may choose to get in touch with us, organise and event or distribute information to other landcare group members on your behalf via the group communication channels.

How this helps: Landcare groups are in many ways the perfect group.  They are the right size, demographic and ethos to work together on landscape scale impacts.  The landcare coordinators are often well connected and can support your own abilities to get our messages out there.

Action: Send a email or newsletter

How to do it: People still read emails and newsletters.  If you are involved in a community or farmer group, then you can send an email or a newsletter introducing them to the Regen Farmers Mutual.  Be sure to include one of the call to action links with your email / newsletter content.

Join the Environmental Markets Waitlist –

Register for Regen Digital EOI –

How this helps:  Emails and newsletters may have diminished with the rise of messaging apps, social media and shared tech platforms, but newsletters still raise awareness, are cheap (free often) and we know this helps.

Bonus action!!

Action: Activate Opinion Leaders

How to do it: Do you know a Journalist? Celebrity? Influencer? Politician? or Opinion Leader?  If you can share the message about Regen Farmers Mutual and Regen Digital in such a way that they then also share the message with their larger audience, then, great.  You may need assistance with this or prefer to do this without assistance, privately and discreetly.  Either way,  Andrew, Rohan or Leah can assist where and how you need.

How this helps: Opinion Leaders can amplify messages.  They can convey authority.  They can reach bigger audiences.  They can bring attention to the cause.