Launch of equity raising

Today we launch the crowdfunding equity raise for Regen Digital. It’s an important milestone in the farmer-led journey that began 18 months ago. Exciting times indeed!

What is Regen Digital?

Regen Digital is a software platform for managing farmer data and transactions. It is building a web-based tool and reporting dashboard that helps farmers to create a digital twin of their farm – that they can use to manage environmental and green provenance transactions, and the farm data that supports them. It aims to deliver transparency and control to farmers so they can retain more value.

Why crowdfunding?

This equity raising is an innovative way for members of the Regen Farmers Mutual to leverage their market power to create the technology that they need. By creating Regen Digital to build, own and operate this technology, the mutual is able to attract investor capital to help fund its development. Importantly, the mutual retains a majority shareholding, so it can ensure that the development delivers the best outcomes for its members. For example, ensuring that farmers have control over their digital twin and the high value data that underpins it.

Join the crowdfunding

Click through on the button below to head over to the Birchal website – or if you’d like more information, you can download the Offer Document – here.

Note: Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing.