National Traceability Grant – project kickoff

With the start of the new financial year, we’ve commenced our National Traceability Grant project (as announced here). We will be testing the application of an open-standard based on the Australian Agricultural Sustainability Framework – using a open-source prototype for verified data and credential sharing.


“Traceability in a supply chain begins from the moment data is collected – it is the best time to set the characteristics of data that define the ways it can be used.”

The collection point for data is foundational to enabling traceability in supply chains. It is the optimum moment for defining data in an authoritative primary language that can be widely understood by others. It is the best time for establishing the credibility and quality of data and attaching these credentials. And as data is shared from a collection point, it becomes the best place to set permissions around that sharing.

This project is designed to research the opportunities, barriers, and economic benefits, embedded in this thesis with government and industry stakeholders, technology solution providers, businesses and communities. It will then test the practical application of this research in a farm-to-market case study in the beef supply chain.

Project partners

We’re excited to be part of this project, particularly given the calibre of the organisations involved:

  • Australian Farm Institute – an independent institute leading farm policy discussions to ensure a viable future for the Australian agricultural community.
  • Standards Australia – is the primary non-government standards development body in Australia.
  • NRM Regions Australia – supports integrated management of Australia’s natural resources by working from the local to the national scale.
  • Fulton Market Group – is a global supply chain company that provides a fully integrated, collaborative platform for clients to leverage throughout the supply chain.
  • GoSource – helps digitally transform government and enterprise through technology solutions with a team of over 70 skilled specialists.
  • OpenTEAM – the Open Technology Ecosystem for Agricultural Management is a US-based developer community supporting a suite of interoperable tools.