Committed to farmer Education

Committed to Farmer Education – reducing the complexity of Environmental markets

Who are Regen Farmers Mutual

Regen Farmers Mutual is a farmer-owned broker that is wholly aligned with farmer values and needs regarding Environmental Goods and services (EG&S). We discuss this in more detail in our blog on the Big Green Change.

Mutuals and Cooperatives historically form when there is a market failure of some sort.  In this case the Environmental Markets are failing with the broker-dominated markets taking too much margin.  The Regen Farmers Mutual reduces the margin farmers pay when selling environmental goods and services. 

Regen Farmers Mutual is committed to Farmer Education 

We are focussed on educating farmers about Environmental Goods and Services and how they may access markets for these new commodities. We have facilitated over 50 webinars and continue to focus on the educational needs of our community.

Attend a free Regen Farmers Mutual educational webinar

We hold a monthly webinar free for anyone to attend on the first Friday of every month. These are interactive sessions with our directors Rohan Clarke and Andrew Ward. It’s a great opportunity to ask all those quirky Regen Ag and Finance questions from experts who understand.

Don’t just believe us, listen to what other farmers like you have to say

We believe farmers respond best to other farmers when it comes to environmental markets and so we give our supporters a chance to share their endorsement.  Check out our farmers talking about why they are supporters.  If you feel inspired, we’d love your endorsement too.

Join our social media learning group

Our community also exists on Social media. We have a presence on facebook, linked in, you tube, instagram and twitter.  We use these platforms for the general updates and engagement with the public. the links are below.

We also have a Facebook Private Group to enable social learning and private collaboration between farmers and industry professionals.  This is a place to discuss your questions with others who are also passionate about regen ag, as well as ask those curveball questions from the Regen Farmers Mutual Team. There is no cost or obligation to join the social learning group and it’s a great resource connecting farmers and industry leaders. You should check it out if you use Facebook as many like-minded farmers gathered together can create excellent ideas.

Good for the farm, good for the farmer.