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Environmental Farm Assessment

Regen Digital

Regen Digital is software that helps farmers profit from the good environmental work they do.  In other words it sells contract and data management software as a service. Farmers pay a low annual subscription fee, and service fees based on transaction volumes. As members of the Regen Farmers Mutual, farmers can receive rebates on these fees.

The platform draws on deep relationships that the Regen Farmers Mutual has with Landcare Networks and aligned farmer groups like Farmers for Climate Action. It also works with organisations like Accounting for Nature, Agforce, and Carbon8 – under mutually beneficial commercial agreements – to provide a range of metrics for measuring environmental value

Regen Digital is focused on Environmental Goods and Services data management

Regen Digital is focused on the data management of the farmers Environmental Goods and Services (EG&S). Regen Digital will enable farmers to create a digital twin of their farm – that they can then use to enter into carbon, biodiversity and green provenance contracts. Ultimately, Regen Digital helps farmers capture the ‘green’ credentials of their farm. This data enables farmers and (at the discretion of farmers) buyers of EG&S to better understand the environmental values of the farming enterprise. This ‘Digital Twin’ (a virtual replica of the farms environmental assets) is achieved through an Environmental Farm Assessment.

Environmental Farm Assessments

A Regen Farmers Mutual consultant (eg an expert ecologist, agronomist etc) will help you collect and collate your environmental data in an Environmental Farm Assessment. This will allow Regen Digital to create your farm’s digital twin to map its environmental value. Think of this as a virtual replica or representation of your farm showing its entire environmental value.

What is a ‘Digital Twin’?

Your Digital Twin of your farm is an accurate and detailed representation of your farm showing its entire environmental value across all markets (carbon, biodiversity and conservation etc). The Digital Twin describes your farming business by providing:
1. Simple detailed mapping of your farming enterprise (including soils, vegetation and production systems)
2. A detailed and searchable data pool (eg. sample analysis and process efficiencies, etc).

The information relevant to markets such as:
– Regulated carbon (32 methodologies approved through the ERF),  
– Voluntary carbon markets (methodologies not approved through the ERF)
– Regulated biodiversity offsets
– Voluntary biodiversity markets
– State based conservation markets
– Direct sale markets for specific outcome 

Environmental Farm Assessments meet a need of Farmers

Farmers and buyers of EG&S need an effective and efficient way to communicate and understand the value of EG&S in each farming enterprise.

When a farming enterprise gets an Environmental Farm Assessment the farmer gets a report with an indicative view of environmental opportunities on their farm. Regen Digital is a platform that will then enable farmers to create a digital twin of their farm and obtain an indicative assessment of its environmental value viewed through a range of metrics. Farmers can then model different environmental actions and the way these would impact their operations and income.

Ultimately, the Environmental Farm Assessment helps farmers capture the ‘green’ credentials of their farm and Regen Digital will help farmers manage this data. Farmers can transact and manage environmental market contracts, and can use the platform to demonstrate the green provenance of their produce.

Joining the waitlist benefits farmers

The waitlist for the Environmental Farm Assessment is now open and farmers who join will receive a guaranteed maximum price of $1000 for this comprehensive assessment.
We’ve already had over 200 farmers join the waiting list in less than a month. This demonstrates the growing interest that Australian farmers have in delivering the environmental and farming outcomes that we all need, from carbon sequestration, to protecting our unique flora and fauna, to producing healthy food and fibre.

More farmers that join the waitlist benefits us all

We’ve created a waitlist for the Environmental Farm Assessment – as a simple way for farmers to demonstrate support for a farmer-owned broker. There’s no cost or commitment to join the waitlist, but every farmer that joins strengthens the ability of the Regen Farmers Mutual to deliver the best outcomes for Australian farmers.

How you can show your support

You can now demonstrate your support for Regen Digital through joining our Environmental Farm Assessment waitlist and you can register your interest in Regen Digital’s crowdfunding/investment campaign

Regen Digital has launched its investment opportunity through a crowdfunding campaign. Please, always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer documents before investing. Expressions of interest are now open till the 9th of November 2021. You can find more information here

Discounted rate on the Environmental Farm Assessment

Farmers who join the waitlist will have a capped price of $1000 for the Environmental Farm Assessment. Additional discounts are available to those who invest in Regen Digital’s crowdfunding/investment campaign. Investors will receive a rebate of 5% per $1000 invested, on their Environmental Farm Assessment. 

This means that if you invested $1000 in Regen Digital, you would receive a $50 Rebate on your $1000 Environmental Farm Assessment making the price $950.  If you invested to the maximum $10,000 limit then you would receive a rebate of $500, making your net price just $500, instead of $1000. Please, always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing.