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Regen Digital is a platform that enables farmers to create a digital twin of their farm and obtain an indicative assessment of its environmental value viewed through a range of metrics. Farmers can then model different environmental actions and the way these would impact their operations and income.

Ultimately, Regen Digital helps farmers capture the ‘green’ credentials of their farm. Farmers can transact and manage environmental market contracts, and can use the platform to demonstrate the green provenance of their produce.

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What happens when you sign up?

Order twin

You will be asked to complete your details and order an Environmental Farm Assessment that creates your farm digital twin.

Join mutual

Everyone that signs-up also becomes a member of the mutual and so you must agree to abide by its principles and terms.

Expert help

Once you’ve signed-up, one of our Landscape Agronomists will contact you to arrange a time to complete an Environmental Farm Assessment

Some important things before you sign up

You own your farm digital twin – you are creating a data store for your farm that you own and control. As a member of Regen Farmers Mutual, you can use Regen Digital platform services to help you manage and create value with your twin. The first 12 months hosting service is included in the initial costs, and you will have access to other free and premium services as part of your subscription.

  • Please review Regen Digital’s Platform Terms (here) & User Guide (here) before signing up.

You become a Regen Farmers Mutual member – when you sign-up for an Environmental Farm Assessment, you agree to become a member of the mutual. As a member, you become a part-owner and therefore qualify for member rebates (if available) and can participate in guiding its development. As a Company Limited by Guarantee, members do not buy shares in Regen Farmers Mutual but instead provide a limited guarantee of up to $100, payable in the event of wind-up or demutualisation.

  • Please review the Member Council Charter (here) and Constitution (here)

We work with you to create your Farm Digital Twin – after you sign-up, one of our Landscape Agronomists will be in contact to arrange a 2-hour online onboarding session. This will enable you to create your farm digital twin, as well as beginning to explore the environmental opportunities on your farm (eg. carbon and biodiversity).

  • We are currently limiting orders to enable delivery of the farm assessment within 4 weeks

Get started with an Environmental Farm Assessment. This creates your digital twin and provides an indicative assessment of your farm. You also become an co-owner of the Regen Farmers Mutual and qualify for member rebates.

A quick tour of the setup process

Ready to get started?

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