Introducing Regen Digital

Introducing Regen Digital

Who or what is Regen Digital?

Regen Digital is a subsidiary of Regen Farmers Mutual. Regen Digital enables farmers to profit from the good environmental work that they do.  In other words, it sells contract and data management software as a service. Farmers pay a low annual subscription fee, and service fees based on transaction volumes. As members of the Regen Farmers Mutual, farmers can receive rebates on these fees.

The platform draws on deep relationships that the Regen Farmers Mutual has with Landcare Networks and aligned farmer groups like Farmers for Climate Action. It also works with organisations like Accounting for Nature, Agforce, and Carbon8 – under mutually beneficial commercial agreements – to provide a range of metrics for measuring environmental value.

What is the relationship between Regen Digital and Regen Farmers Mutual?

The Regen Farmers Mutual is by design a farmer-owned organisation. Mechanically it’s a company limited by guarantee. This enables it to be farmer-controlled (every member has one vote), but also limits the ways it can raise funding, as it cannot issue shares.

To overcome this hurdle, Regen Farmers Mutual has created a subsidiary company, Regen Digital, that will provide digital services to its members. It is this company that can then be used to raise funding to build out the capabilities that farmers need. It becomes the climate tech solution that investors can take a stake in.

What does Regen Digital do for farmers?

Here is a brief overview of how Regen Digital supports farmers:
– Regen Digital is controlled by the farmer-owned Regen Farmers Mutual.
– Farmers control their data within the Regen Digital platform, creating trust.
– Farmers easily build their Digital Twin (a virtual replica of the farms environmental assets) via an Environmental Farm Assessment from Regen Digital.
– Farmers own their intellectual property and can selectively grant access to their Digital Twin data.
– Markets, lenders, advisors and industry can assess environmental value through the farmers “Digital Twin”, and feedback reports outlining the environmental value of their farm business.

How does Regen Digital work?

Regen Digital will enable farmers to create a digital twin of their farm – that they can then use to enter into carbon, biodiversity and green provenance contracts. Ultimately, Regen Digital helps farmers capture the ‘green’ credentials of their farm through the environmental farm assessment.

This ‘Digital Twin’ is achieved through an Environmental Farm Assessment. A Regen Farmers Mutual expert (eg ecologist, agronomist etc)  will help you collect and collate your environmental data in an Environmental Farm Assessment. This will allow Regen Digital to create your farm’s Digital Twin to map its environmental value. Think of this as a virtual replica or representation of your farm showing its entire environmental value.

Why We Need Regen Digital?

Regen Digital is vital in the farmer journey to environmental markets. Regen Digital enables farmers to:
1. Understand the value of their environmental assets
2. Assess the ways of making money from these new assets
3. Manage their environmental data in a way that meets the needs of the EG&S buyers
4. Get paid for the benefit of improving and protecting these assets

Investment opportunities are now open

Regen Digital has launched its investment opportunity through a crowdfunding campaign. Please, always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing. Expressions of interest are now open till the 9th of November 2021.  You can find more information here: