Landscape Impact Program

Landscape Impact,

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The Landscape Impact Program is run by Regen Farmers Mutual. Catalyses a local group of farmers to create a template transaction for their landscape.

Andrew Ferrier – Mallow, Traprock QLD



The Landscape Impact Program is a co-design process for identifying what actions and practices farmers can do that simultaneously provide economic and environmental outcomes. The program is practical and aims to create a commercial arrangement that suits local farmers. Further the ‘open’ transaction encourages more farmers to join in over time and across the landscape.


The Landscape Impact Program runs over the course of 20-weeks, but is actually the start of ongoing operations in the local area.


The Landscape Impact Program requires 10 “pilot farmers” and a “working team” of 5-people from within a community. These people undertake the co-design process from start to finish.


The Landscape Impact Program is based on the working team having recurring weekly modules to complete. The full process builds over time to leave local systems in place for onboarding new members into the resulting ‘open’ transaction.

The process includes 3 community sessions, 1 x field trip and 20+ zoom sessions for the working team.

How Much Money

The Landscape Impact Program provides free Digital Twin’ and onboarding services to Pilot Farmers in exchange for learnings. The “working team” is paid a nominal $50/hr for the work (4hrs x 20 weeks) they do. The working team also has a budget for local marketing and experts.

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