New Membership

Good for the member,

Good for the mutual

Leverage the power of working together to give yourself more control

Membership over time provides more value



Basic Membership Includes:
1 x Invite and Vote to the AGM.
1 x Vote and Nomination for the Members Council.
Access to our Member Education portal.
Discounted access to events and special courses

Education and Community

Join a community of farmers that want more control through working together. They understand that as part of the mutual they get trusted advice from the farmer perspective. Then, members benefit from better informed decision-making and bargaining power.


Digital Twin + Membership is open to farmers where they have been provided with a code and specific link for their local onboarding.

You can get a code through participation in a Landscape Impact Program.

If you are part of an existing Landscape Impact Program contact your local Regen Advisor for your code and link.
If you are not part of an existing Landscape Impact Program you can start the process of planning one in your local area in the Member Education portal.


When you become a Member you agree to the following 10 Principles.

  1. We aim to maximise value created and retained by farmers
  2. We promote farmer control, security and privacy of farm data
  3. We support farmers in their reporting, risk sharing and compliance obligations
  4. We practice education-led farmer engagement for informed decision-making
  5. We support development of local capabilities and affordable access to trusted experts
  6. We promote continuous learning and opportunities for collaboration and sharing
  7. We optimise transaction simplicity and speed, subject to prioritising risk management
  8. We seek accountability via credible benchmarks, quality assurance and transparency
  9. We align through shared outcomes and collaboration at scale
  10. We transact with ourselves first

Let’s build something great together.