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Estimating Regen Digital’s potential returns

One of the questions that has come up a bit as people consider an investment in Regen Digital is – how can I estimate its earnings potential? This note sets out some logic that can assist in your thinking about this. Market size As COP26 has just demonstrated there is a global drive to addressContinue reading “Estimating Regen Digital’s potential returns”

Launch of equity raising

Today we launch the crowdfunding equity raise for Regen Digital. It’s an important milestone in the farmer-led journey that began 18 months ago. Exciting times indeed! What is Regen Digital? Regen Digital is a software platform for managing farmer data and transactions. It is building a web-based tool and reporting dashboard that helps farmers toContinue reading “Launch of equity raising”

Seven ways to share

The Regen Farmers Mutual gets stronger through a virtuous cycle of network effects – where the more farmers that join, the greater the value that is created, and in turn, the greater incentive for more farmers to join. This is why it is in every farmer’s interest to tell others about the benefits being created whenContinue reading “Seven ways to share”

Empowering farmers to capture more value 

MEDIA RELEASE: As the Australian environmental market is set to be worth $24 billion by 2030, farmers across the country are joining forces to gain greater access.*  More than 80 farmers, conservationists and landcarers behind Regen Farmers Mutual have designed an Australian first approach that radically changes the existing model of brokerage for environmental goodsContinue reading “Empowering farmers to capture more value “

Why invest in Regen Digital?

The development of the Regen Farmers Mutual has reached a new and exciting phase with the kickoff of the crowdfunding for Regen Digital. The first step in this process is to gather Expressions of Interest from our prospective members and broader community of supporters. As it’s an opportunity to take an ownership stake in keyContinue reading “Why invest in Regen Digital?”


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