Our Focus is Farmers

Our Focus is Farmers

Networking and Community Engagement to reach our common goals

Who are Regen Farmers Mutual

Regen Farmers Mutual is a farmer-owned broker that is wholly aligned with farmer values and needs. Mutuals and Cooperatives historically form when there is a market failure of some sort.  In this case the Environmental Markets are failing with the broker-dominated markets taking too much margin.  The Regen Farmers Mutual reduces the margin farmers pay when selling environmental goods and services.

Regen Farmers Mutual is committed to Farmer Education 

We are focussed on educating farmers about Environmental Goods and Services and how they may access markets for these new commodities. We have facilitated over 20 webinars and continue to focus on the educational needs of our community. We hold a monthly webinar free for anyone to attend on the first Friday of every month. These are interactive sessions with our directors Rohan Clarke and Andrew Ward. It’s a great opportunity to ask all those quirky Regen Ag and Finance questions from experts who understand.

We also have a strong social media presence to educate the general public as well as a Facebook Private Group to enable social learning and private collaboration between farmers and industry professionals.

Relationship building

Regen Farmers Mutual has been strengthening its relationships with the organisations and people who purchase Environmental Goods and Services (the people who buy the good work farmers can do). Our Directors have been networking and meeting with key people from sectors such as government, corporate and philanthropic organisations.
From the farmers’ side (the people that sell the EG&S), we have been working with groups of local farmers in our pilot programs and also providers of assessments like Accounting for Nature and Carbon8. Regen Farmers Mutual has been building extensive links to local Landcare groups and organisations such as Farmers for Climate Action which will help facilitate interaction and education with farmers around EG&S.

Don’t just believe us, listen to what other farmers like you have to say

We believe farmers respond best to other farmers when it comes to environmental markets and so we give our supporters a chance to share their endorsement.  Check out our farmers talking about why they are supporters.  If you feel inspired, we’d love your endorsement too.

Regen Farmers Mutual Pilot programs

We are helping 14 groups of local farmers begin their journey to environmental contracts. Each group is working with farmers in one local area co-designing a “landscape scale impact goal”.  This brings the environmental priorities in a region and the individual work of each farmer into focus.  The groups’ also help each member with Measurement, Verification and Reporting and on-the-ground (very practical) support. 
Our pilots include some focused on standing carbon, whilst others are in soil carbon or flood mitigation.  There’s also Loddon Plains Landcare Network that is coordinating planting so that it also acts to connect two populations of the same species or bird.

Good for the farm, good for the farmer.