Environmental Farm Asessment

$240.00 / year and a $260.00 sign-up fee

  • Become a RFM member
  • 2-hr online set-up & onboarding 
  • Casting of your Farm Digital Twin
  • 12-months subscription to hosting
  • Introduction to environmental opportunities on your farm

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The Environmental Farm Assessment provides you with a holistic view of your farm environmental assets and liabilities.

Subscription includes:

Terms & conditions:

– Hosting Services

$240 (plus GST)

(12 months subscription)

– Membership to Regen Farmers Mutual

$0 – Included while your subscription is active
Also requires that you agree to a guarantee of up to $100 in favour of the mutual

– Set up Services

$260 (plus GST) 

(Up to 2-hours of online assistance)

Additional assistance available for $100/hr

Included storage

Additional Storage




> User Guide
> Platform User Agreement
> RFM Constitution 

Regen Digital offers you additional data collection, data analysis and data verification plugins that may be useful in the following ways:
– Improved Productivity: Modelling practice change, land use change and resource use changes on your digital twin.
– Proving Claims: Attaching data to your contracts and certifications.  This could be proving your “green-ness” or getting paid for “outcomes”.

Additional Services

Post purchase


Additional modules that may be added to any digital twin for enhanced data collection and analysis. Some are free and some will be paid per module under separate fee agreement.

Data Sharing 

Additional services that members can use to share their data.  This could include verification, certifications, legal agreements etc. Some are free and some will be paid under separate fee agreement