Net Zero Assessment (Discover Carbon)


  • 1-hr online + 1-hr Prep-work + QUT BEST Insights
  • Understand if you’re net negative, neutral or positive
  • Get confidence in your plans



This product is only available for existing Members of Regen Farmers Mutual i.e You have already purchased an Environmental Farm Assessment

Get your carbon risk profile and get clarity around your motives to engage in carbon farming clear.  Undertake a farm sinks and emissions measured so you know if you are net negative, neutral or positive.

In this 2-hour session you’ll go through the tools derived by QUT (BEST) to understand your motives and behaviours and then the Cool Farm Tool calculation method suitable for your enterprise. 

You’ll have the Landscape Agronomist there to guide and support you in completing the tool.

At the conclusion you’ll understand where your biggest sources of sinks and emissions are and what you can do to improve your position in relation to Net Zero.