Regen Farmers Mutual Membership


Basic Membership runs for a 12-month period.

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Community and Education

Your membership of the Regen Farmers Mutual includes
  • 1 x Invite and Vote to the AGM.
  • 1 x Vote and Nomination for the Members Council.
  • Access to our Member Education portal.
  • Discounted access to events and special courses


As a member of Regen Farmers Mutual you are entitled to your democratic participation in the business of the Mutual.  These rights include:
– The right to attend and vote at the AGM.
– The right to nominate and vote on the Members Council election (when convened).
– Holding management to account on the 10 Principles
Your vote determines things like strategy, management and the nomination of Directors.  By joining a member-owned organisation you are getting a real stake in how the business works.

The Mutual is a company limited by guarantee. This means rather than issuing shares to members, each member guarantees up to a maximum of $100 in the event of the business becoming insolvent and wound up.  

Member Education Portal

A major benefit of membership in the Regen Farmers Mutual is access to the education portal.  The Member Education Portal includes resources that each member and group can use.  There’s also templates, contact details for the network of Regen Advisors and more.

Events and Access 

Membership provides you with discounted access to ticketed events produced by Regen Farmers Mutual.  You can find out more about our upcoming events here