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Environmental Farm Assessment

Understand the environmental value and opportunities on your farm

Transaction Support Services

Participate in EG&S transactions in your area to capture environmental value.

Digital Twin management platform

Manage your EG&S contracts and data to prove your green provenance.

What is an Environmental Farm Assessment?

An Environmental Farm Assessment enables farmers to obtain an indicative assessment of the value of their land’s environmental assets. It is a tool where farmers and their assessors collect farm data (with respect to soil, ground cover, farm practices etc.) that is then evaluated through a range of different metrics – including carbon, biodiversity, food certification, and whole-of-farm measures.

The Environmental Farm Assessment is the entry product for farmers into the Regen Farmers Mutual and is being launched in 2022. If you would like to know more please contact us – and register your interest by joining our waitlist.

What to expect when joining our waitlist

Joining the waitlist for an Environmental Farm Assessment is a no cost, no obligation way of demonstrating your potential interest in the Regen Farmers Mutual. The more farmers that join, the stronger the mutual, and ultimately the better the outcomes that it can deliver.

Andrew Ward explains what happens when you join the waitlist.

Transaction support services for members

As a farmer-owned business, the mutual represents the interests of farmers in engaging with environmental markets. Its role is to assist farmers through education and training, opportunity definition, negotiating with prospective buyers, simplifying transaction execution, and thereafter supporting the delivery of Environmental, Goods & Services (EG&S) outcomes.

The mutual assists farmers across all five phases of an EG&S transaction:

  1. Engagement – Farmers can leverage the mutual’s resources, and those of its partners, to better understand and explore the types of opportunities that may be available to them in environment markets, and then to gather around prospective candidate transactions.
  2. Definition – Once a potential transaction is identified, farmers can draw on the mutual to help them define its terms – including the types of technology, legal and regulatory factors that may influence the way an EG&S is created and delivers the desired outcomes.
  3. Marketing – With a clear understanding of a prospective transaction’s parameters, the mutual can assist farmers by finding and negotiating with prospective buyers – whether delivering a public good for government, or meeting specific EG&S outcomes for private capital.
  4. Execution – Given that the terms of a transaction are agreed with buyers, the mutual can then enable efficient and effective execution via its legal and digital infrastructure. In this way, farmers can ensure that EG&S transactions and their data are being managed for their benefit.
  5. Delivery – Importantly, the mutual can then support farmers with the ongoing management of their activities under an EG&S transaction – and as a member organisation can provide peer-based mechanisms to promote compliance with their management plans.

Managing your farm’s digital twin

As farm’s become ever more reliant on technology, and our ability to track and measure improves, the need for farmers to take control of data and contract management becomes greater. This is particularly important in environmental and green provenance markets that rely on credible data to prove land practices and outcomes. This is why the Regen Farmers Mutual is helping farmers to create a digital twin of their farms.

You can see an overview of how this works in the following video about the role of digital twin in helping farmers manage their environmental assets.

For more information on starting your farm digital twin journey, click through to

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