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Helping farmers protect Australia’s environment

Create your Farm Digital Twin

Regen Digital is a platform that enables farmers to create a digital twin of their farm and obtain an indicative assessment of its environmental value viewed through a range of metrics. Farmers can then model different environmental actions and the way these would impact their operations and income.

Ultimately, Regen Digital helps farmers capture the ‘green’ credentials of their farm. Farmers can transact and manage environmental market contracts, and can use the platform to demonstrate the green provenance of their produce.

Understand value

Create your farm’s digital twin to map its environmental assets and assess their value through a variety of metrics.

Compare opportunity

Run scenario analysis of the costs and benefits of different actions to understand your optimum strategies.

Close transactions

Manage your environmental and green provenance transactions and the data that proves your green credentials.

How does Regen Digital work?

Regen Digital will enable farmers to create a digital twin of their farm – that they can then use to enter into carbon, biodiversity and green provenance contracts. Ultimately, Regen Digital helps farmers capture the ‘green’ credentials of their farm through the environmental farm assessment.

This ‘Digital Twin’ is achieved through an Environmental Farm Assessment. A Regen Farmers Mutual expert (eg ecologist, agronomist etc)  will help you collect and collate your environmental data in an Environmental Farm Assessment. This will allow Regen Digital to create your farm’s Digital Twin to map its environmental value. Think of this as a virtual replica or representation of your farm showing its entire environmental value.

Get started with an Environmental Farm Assessment. This creates your digital twin and provides an indicative assessment of your farm. You also become an co-owner of the Regen Farmers Mutual and qualify for member rebates.

Learn more

Regen Digital is the provider of the Digital Twin technology platform. It is a subsidiary of Regen Farmers Mutual that is being used to fund the development of infrastructure services. You can see how it works in the following video about the role of digital twin in helping farmers manage their environmental assets.

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