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Landscape Scale Impacts

Regen Farmers Mutual brings together many individual farmers and farmer organisations together across a landscape to coordinate interventions and share in joint outcomes. Examples of these include

Traprock (QLD)

The Traprock Group QLD border is coordinating a biodiversity corridor that will provide habitat for the quoll, swift parrot and regent honey eater. This coordinated revegetation will enable shelter belts and provide other on-farm benefits.

The key organisations include the Traprock Group, Granite Belt Sustainable Ag Network, Southern Queensland Landscape (NRM).

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Burnett Mary (QLD)

Farmers along the Burnett Mary and Fitzroy Rivers are working on multiple conservation, carbon and biodiversity outcomes, but most importantly these reduce silt and chemical run-off into the lower Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island.

The key organisations include the Burnett Mary Region Group (NRM), Gympie Landcare, Food and Agribusiness Network and Accounting for Nature.

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Western Murray (NSW)

The Western Murray NSW “bio-link” restores a mid-river delta between the Murray and Wakool Rivers. Biodiversity, teal carbon and other benefits from this first bio-link can be extended up and down stream for catchment rehydration benefits.

Key organisations in this project include the Western Murray Land Improvement Group and the Mulloon Institute.

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Northern Rivers (NSW)

The Northern NSW Flood recovery and mitigation strategies require coordination from the “catchment to the coast”. As such the strategy is centred on a “River-keeper” model as this connects the various catchment, valley and coastal plains. This model has application along much of the East Coast of Australia.

Key Organisations: Richmond Riverkeeper, North Coast Landcare, National Landcare Network and Southern Cross University.

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Central North (VIC)

Canary Island- Leaghur Biodiversity restoration project is coordinating the planting of shelter-belts for stock, that qualify as carbon sinks whilst participating in a corridor connecting to currently disconnected populations of Grey-crowned babbler.

The key organisations include Loddon Plains Landcare Network, Landcare Victoria and Carbon Farming Foundation.

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