What we do

Specialist infrastructure,

Supported by local expertise


Regen Farmers Mutual helps its members first learn about opportunities with their environmental assets then create new income streams or enhance existing food and fibre revenue.

Understand your opportunity

We provide resources and support to help our members understand their environmental assets. This includes mapping assets, creating a farm digital twin, compiling natural capital accounts, and identifying the ways these assets can be used to enhance farm income.

Manage your risks

We offer ways for members to manage their relationships with markets that are increasingly sensitive to the environmental impact of farming practices. We are developing certification processes that enable farmers to prove their environmental credentials and retain the benefits of their actions.

Enhance your income

We help farmers to monetise their environmental assets. We’re creating alternate paths for farmers to interact with carbon and biodiversity projects – as self-proponents or via the mutual. Our aim is to aggregate member market power to maximise the value that farmers retain, whether through carbon markets or other funding mechanisms.

Getting started

Education Resources

When you join the mutual, you get access to our library of learning resources – videos, how-to guides, and tools. You can use these to improve your knowledge of emerging environmental markets and opportunities. Additionally, you can attend our monthly ‘member muster’ where we invite experts and farmers to share their experience and knowledge on key issues for farmers to consider.

Additionally, subject to availability in your region, you may have the opportunity to participate in a Landscape Impact Program. These provide a scaleable way to learn by doing with other farmers and local NRM and Landcare groups.

Landscape Impact Programs

Our Landscape Impact Programs help farmers to discover the highest impact strategies they can undertake in their landscapes. They take a working group through a structured program to identify the actions that deliver both environmental and economically sustainable outcomes. The aim is to create an investment proposition that can be replicated across the landscape by farmers in the region – delivering the environmental outcomes that regions need and ensuring farmers are rewarded for participating.

Andy Ferrier – one of the pilot farmers from the Traprock region in Queensland – explains in the video below:

Let’s build something great together.