Built by farmers, owned by farmers

Becoming a member

You become a member of Regen Farmers Mutual by using its services. You can find out more about the services that the mutual offers and the ways members work together in the Membership Guide.


Our purpose – Our mutual helps farmers be rewarded for stewardship by enabling access to environmental and green provenance markets.

Unlike any other broker, the mutual is truly farmers first. This is reflected in the operating principles that came out of the co-design process that created the mutual, and that are now embedded in the Constitution.

Our Principles
  1. We aim to maximise value created and retained by farmers
  2. We promote farmer control, security and privacy of farm data
  3. We support farmers in their reporting, risk sharing and compliance obligations
  4. We practice education-led farmer engagement for informed decision-making
  5. We support development of local capabilities and affordable access to trusted experts
  6. We promote continuous learning and opportunities for collaboration and sharing
  7. We optimise transaction simplicity and speed, subject to prioritising risk management
  8. We seek accountability via credible benchmarks, quality assurance and transparency
  9. We align through shared outcomes and collaboration at scale
  10. We transact with ourselves first

Become a member

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