Built by farmers, owned by farmers

We’re a farmer-owned broker

The Regen Farmers Mutual is for farmers wanting to be rewarded for good land and environment practices, who are too small on their own to cost-effectively access Environmental Markets.

A mutual creates the infrastructure to enable cohorts of farmers to gather around specific environmental transactions. The terms and conditions of these transactions are captured in stewardship agreements, while the conditions of membership of the mutual set peer-led practice benchmarks and compliance processes. Standardising and embedding terms on-chain in smart contracts then enables value to be tied to provenance, specific practices and measured outcomes, delivering further value to farmers.

Are we for you?

Hear from some of the farmers helping to create the mutual on our Wall of Love.

Our Purpose:

Our mutual helps farmers be rewarded for stewardship by enabling access to environmental and green provenance markets.

Operating Principles:


We promote collaboration to understand the environmental, financial and social benefits of markets.

We support local capabilities and enable affordable access to trusted experts.

We encourage education-led engagement to support informed decision-making.


We seek investment in environmental outcomes on farms that work for farmers.

We adopt processes tools and templates that support scale. They provide a framework that is clear, replicable and transparent.

We encourage the adoption of evolving “best” practice and welcome opportunities for innovation and collaboration.


We represent farmers who proactively seek to deliver environmental outcomes.

We require credible benchmarks and quality assurance processes to ensure accountability and avoid greenwashing.

We create alignment through negotiation and our documentation enables us to move at speed.


We aim to minimize transaction costs and maximise the value that is retained by our members.

We seek processes that optimise speed and simplicity, subject to prioritising risk management.

We require accountability and transparency, subject to the primacy of member control of their data and privacy.


We seek to maximise the value of data for our members, subject to the primacy of member control, security and privacy.

We support members in their reporting, risk sharing and compliance obligations.

We promote continuous learning and research partnerships, and adapt our processes based on shared best practices.

Become a member

When you join the waitlist for an Environmental Farm Assessment