Onboarding: Southern Tablelands


This product is for farmers in the Southern Tablelands region that wish to participate in the Landscape Impact Program.

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Southern Tablelands
This program is designed to help new farmers take the first step in understanding their opportunity.

The process includes:
Digital Twin setup
Establish the legal boundary of the farm
Mapping Assets and training in using the Digital Twin
Carbon Footprint Estimation 
Review the farm using LOOC-C and PMST to identify opportunities
Post session report on opportunity and next steps.

This is part of the Landscape Impact Program you completed an EOI on in order to become eligible.  In this you agreed to share the following information

This opportunity is funded via the Primary Industry Productivity and Abatement Program (PIPAP) High Impact Partnership.  A condition of funding is sharing project materials with the NSW Office of Environment and Climate Change.  This information may include:
1. All information related to the carbon projects that may eventuate.
2. Quantitive and qualitative responses from you (the farmer) that details how easy / difficult the program was to understand  
3. How a project was planned on your farm i.e projected costs, plantings , survival rates etc
4. What changed between plan and actual  i.e actual costs for planning and implementation
5. Learnings from the resulting projects i.e what would you have done differently.
6. Identifying information like your farm name and location. 

You DO NOT have to include information related to the productive areas of the farm business i.e your grazing, cropping or agricultural enterprises.

You will also be required to attend co-design sessions and a field day between now and the completion of the Landscape Impact Program.